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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  August 25, 2012 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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national convention will keep their eyes on tropical storm isaac. bill maher put a spin on what he describes as a unique set of events. >> an evangelical party is going to nominate a mor monday and catholic, then get wiped out by a hurricane leaving florida to the jews as god intended. >> a little bit of a morning laugh for you there. thanks for starting your morning with us. we have more ahead on "cnn saturday morning," which starts right now. good morning, everyone. i'm randi kaye. it is 7:00 on the east coast. 4:00 a.m.out west. we begin with new information on the terrifying moments in new york city after a gun battle. it left two dead, including the gunman and nine others injured. the brother of the slain victim
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says stephen was a loving person. we are about to show you video you may find disturbing. we are showing it to illustrate how the chaos unfolded. here you go, a surveillance tape released from the nypd. it shows the gunman, jeffry johnson carrying a briefcase. the police point something at im, he shoots and dies. he used to work with the man he shot. they had an ongoing dispute. the vp of sales said johnson wasn't selling enough and he lost his job. rebecca fox witnessed the shooting. you work across the street and saw people running. describe the scene for us. >> i was getting a cup of coffee as i normally do and this
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morning in particular, i took the green line up instead of the yellow line, which would have put me in the scene of action. i was walking on the street. i saw people running. i thought at first it was a celebrity sighting. they had been filming a movie a couple weeks ago. then someone said there was a shooting. i walked toward 35 9 avenue and saw a woman on the ground shot in the foot. then i walked -- i saw half way down the block that there was a man laying facedown on the ground and there were police surrounding him. they attempted to flip him over. i saw his head come up slightly and i found out later he died. i walked further down the street because he was in per suit of another man toward 6th avenue. i saw there was another man lying on the ground.
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there was coffee cups thrown all around. i smelled gasoline. i think a bullet probably hit a car. it was a horrific scene. >> were people helping others? what kind of scene was it in terms of that? >> people were definitely helping out. there was a lot of people standing around. the cops came in right away. i was impressed with that. i saw that there was another victim that was being taken in an ambulance away. the paramedics were with the other woman on the ground very quickly. >> did you get a chance to speak with the victims yourself? >> no, i did not. >> give me an idea, did you hear the shots fired? >> i did not. actually, when i was coming out of the coffee shot, i had headphones on. i saw people running and i thought oh, they're shooting another movie. never thought this would happen. >> did you think because it was so close to the empire state building that it was connected?
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>> you know, when i first moved up to new york the whole 9/11 thing bothered me. you kind of live your life. obviously, in the back of your mind, this could happen but you never hope it would. terrorism may have come into my mind but honestly, i was in a state of shock. >> i'm sure. i'm sure. appreciate your time this morning. thank you. >> thank you. >> tropical storm isaac has been hammering haiti and it could be a case of what may be to come for south florida and the gulf coast. haitian radio is reporting significant damage. isaac's strong winds pounded haiti's coastline as it made land fall. some strength as it passed over the island. it's expected to intensify again. hundreds of thousands of people in haiti chose to ride out isaac
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in tent camps where they have been living. gary tuckman is in the haitian capital for us this morning. he joins us now. you spoke with us last hour. you look wetter than when we spoke with you last. >> there's a reason for that. because it was dark outside, i was under a shelter. the rain is still coming down here with gail forced winds. this hopefully is the end of it all. the sun is coming up. we have no way to see the sun. it's 100% cloudy above us. as daylight comes, we'll get an idea of the damage. there's a lot of damage throughout the country. flood and mud slide damage. no reports of incidents. you need it to get light outside and explore. there are a lot of isolated
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areas and may take hours before we know what happened. in the city of port-au-prince, a lot of trees are down. when you see building damage, we don't know if it's from the storm or the earthquake from 2010. a lot of buildings haven't been repaired. the big problem, 400,000 people still homeless living in tents and shacks. a lot of people made the decision not to leave their tents. we know there's been flooding in the tent cities. we'll find out if there's casualties and how intense the damage is. weather wise, the worst in haiti is over. >> the president there was encouraging folks or went to visit them to get them to a shelter, right? >> reporter: right. yesterday, i spent time with the president and his prime minister and they were going to different tent cities encouraging them to
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leave, but acknowledging they could not take all the people. what the president was telling us was there were encouraging as many women and children to leave. our lights went out, sorry about that. i hope you can see me. >> we got you. >>reporter: we want strong men to stay behind to take care of people. >> gary, you obviously spent a lot of time there in january, 2010 after the earthquake. give me a sense of the feeling now in haiti when another natural disaster is about to strike or does strike. >> reporter: yeah, what's interesting about this is i wouldn't say people weren't taking it seriously, but there was a general nonchalance. 300,000 people died two and a half years ago. when they heard it wauz hurricane, there was concern. when they heard a tropical storm, the people in the tent
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city said we are not leaving. this is our home. if we leave, someone will take our place in our tent. this is all we have. it's not nonchalance, but not as much concern as we see when we cover tropical storms and hurricanes. >> gary, thank you. $1 billion, that's how much samsung must pay apple for violating pat tents. they willfully violated patents on phones and tablet computers. samsung says they will appeal. what may be next is the injunction of the sales of samsung products. the hearing is scheduled for next month. here is what's coming up this hour. jerry sandusky is in prison but the crimes shake penn state. the interview with five football players from the yumpbt.
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the equity summary score is one more innovative reason serious investors are choosing fidelity. get 200 free trades today and explore your next investing idea. welcome back. 10 minutes past the hour. convention season is in full swing. republican heavyweights are on their way to tampa, florida to officially nominate romney. democrats will be out to nominate president obama, again. they will lay out their platform and win over voters. chair of the d.c. young republicans and the president of college democrats of america, good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> the rnc starts monday. katie, i'm going to start with you. what are the most important
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issues, do you think, to youth voters right now? >> they are so excited about the republican national convention. we are focused on jobs and the economy this fall. we are excited about what the romney/ryan ticket has to say about it. >> what does it offer you, do you think? >> romney and ryan are focused on a progrowth economic policy. youth, such a as myself, including young republicans are excited about what they have to say. >> what do you think is the most important issue? >> for us, we have been talking to students across the country. we believe the economy is the heart of what most are talking about. an issue like the economy, it's easy to talk to the people about the president's accomplishments. we have seen 29 months of job growth. young americans feel comfortable entering a job market after
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graduation. that message is honing in when we talk to young students, college students. we are excited to talk about that at the upcoming convention where we are going to see so many programs to make sure youth are part of the process. >> katie, talk about romney trailing obama 2% points. it lays within the sampling error. when you look at younger generations, romney is behind in the double digits according to polls. in florida, home of the rnc next week, romney trails by 16%. why do you think that is? >> i think, honestly, a lot of it, young people, such as myself, are waking up to the fact that in 2008 we were so excited by people like obama who delivered rhetoric about hope and change. we have seen how -- hope and change is not paying the bills, at least the kind obama is offering.
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i think young people are ready for a change. they are looking for a romney and ryan ticket. >> what does this mean, katie, for the future of the rnc that obama won the youth vote four years ago and he's still winning? >> i don't think they need to change it. young people are attracted for the republican party for what they have to offer. the amazing thing about the republican party, if i can quote from my former boss, ambassador mark green, i'll paraphrase, he said republicans believe in limited government because we believe in the unlimited potential of individuals. that's really what the young people are going to get excited about. >> about 2.5 million young adults from 19 to 25 obtained health coverage as a result of obama care. is this a big issue for people your age? will it get them to get out and
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vote? >> yeah. i'd like to responds to katie. when you say it's what college kids care about, look at the issues. look at college affordability. on the republican side, they are telling college students to shop around or borrow from their parents. president obama is looking out for all young americans, want to make sure everybody has the chance. he's doubled pell grants. he's created programs i hope to be a part of. your loans can be forgiven. they are benefiting college students and young americans. if you are a young person, it's clear why president obama is leading by 20 to 25 points. he's creating tangible solutions. republicans are interested in a select few. >> what is the feeling then on obama care? a big issue? >> oh, it's an incredible issue.
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3.1 million americans are covered on their parent's health insurance. once the bill is fully implemented over 12 million young americans will be covered. before the legislation young americans were the highest group of uninsured in the country. this affected so many of my peers and friends. on the other side, we have the response, let's get rid of it. what about those that rely on this policy. >> katie, your final thought? >> i want to respond to the comments about specifically student loans. i say this as a person who is month by month paying back my student loans. we are not looking for government hand outs. we are looking for a progrowth economic climate that provides jobs for, you know, young people such as myself. i'm not looking for the government to handle my loans. i want to pay them back myself.
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i want to ensure that the economic climate is such that i have a job and means to pay back the loans that i took on. >> thank you both very much. enjoyed the conversation. >> thank you, randi. >> thank you. >> we'll have more on the rnc form. we'll talk with leonard and ask how he plans to win the sunshine state. the superintendent wants to fine $75 for every day they skip class. some people are pretty outraged about it. ng your life with less chronic low back pain. imagine you, with less pain. cymbalta can help. cymbalta is fda-approved to manage chronic musculoskeletal pain. one non-narcotic pill a day, every day, can help reduce this pain. tell your doctor right away if your mood worsens, you have unusual changes in mood or behavior or thoughts of suicide. antidepressants can increase these
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welcome back. checking stories across country. first to north carolina where a reporter from wsoc was on air when a car accident happened directly behind it. watch this. >> checking in with the sheriff and also checking the jail website -- oh my gosh. there was an accident right behind me. sorry about that. >> scary moments there. dave had been there to do a report on a homicide investigation. the news room called 911 to report the crash. both of the drivers are okay. now to greenville, georgia where air force staff sergeant disguised himself as a baseball player. he wasn't supposed to be back from afghanistan for three more days.
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his parents were special guests at the game and called to the field. >> we talked this over. what do you expect? is it right now, by any chance? >> oh! oh my god! oh my god! i really wasn't gonna sleep well until i could hug his neck. >> well you did that. >> look at her holding on to him. the greenville drive minor league baseball team helped put that surprise together. how nice of them. a new school superintendent wants to fine parents $75 for every day their kids skip school. people have mixed feelings about this. >> it's not fair. $75 for every time these kids don't want to go to school. some of these mothers barely have a car to bring them to school. $75. >> they are outside, selling drugs, buying drugs, stopping cars in the middle of the
7:21 am
streets, they are riding their bikes around. they should be in school. >> the policy has to go in front of the city council. students who can't afford the fine would have a community service option. >> we want to hear from you on this issue. should parents be fined for kids, their kids skipping class. is $75 too much or too little. what are your thoughts on this? tweet me and we'll read your responses later on this morning. starting a business from scratch isn't easy, especially now. we will look at how some people are starting their own businesses and making them successful. we know what it's like to work like a dog. we spoke with a small business owner teaching how to play like one. >> reporter: amber owns canine bed and bark center a dog training facility in georgia. this was an unexpected career
7:22 am
turn for the law student. >> i decided law school wasn't the direction i wanted to go. i have always been active with dogs and have a special connection with them. i went to work for a local animal hospital. after that, started taking on a couple training clients. i was a one woman show. the business grew quickly. eight years in, i was working myself ragged. i started the business with really no idea. i had no compass. looking back, it was a huge mistake. >> reporter: she decided to go big and change the business and her life. she got a new facility in 2008 and included boarding, day care, dog products and grooming. >> once we came into this building, i sat down and wrote a business plan. emptied out my savings account, 401(k), everything we had went into the business.
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bottom of the hour now. welcome back. i'm randi kaye. we are learning more about the office grudge that led to a deadly shooting. it left two dead including the gunman and nine others wound d.
7:27 am
stephen was a loving person and the light of so many lives. we are about to show video that you may find disturbing. we are illustrating how the chaos unfolded. here is anderson cooper with more. [ bleep ]. >> reporter: this is the aftermath of a gunman opening fire in a crowded street in america. police say they fired at this man identified at 58-year-old jeffrey johnson after he shot at them. at this point, he still appears to be alive. minutes before johnson, dressed in a business suit and carrying a briefcase navigated the crowds and pulled out a .45 caliber pistol. >> at 9:03 rks a disgruntled former employee at a company shot and killed a former co-worker, striking him three times. >> reporter: johnson was laid off as a women os accessory
7:28 am
designer. his victim was a vice president there. police say johnson and him had a long standing dispute of allegations of harassment. they filed complaints against one another. a co-worker was walking next to him when they saw johnson lurking. she says i saw him pull a gun from his jacket and i thought oh my god, he's going to shoot him. steve screamed, jeff shot him and i ran. >> he flet with a .45 caliber handgun secreted in a black bag under his arm. a construction worker followed johnson from west 33rd street alerted two police officers. >> reporter: bystanders ran for cover and police pursued johnson. >> as the two officers approached johnson, he pulled the .45 caliber from his bag and fired on the officers who returned fire.
7:29 am
>> reporter: police fired 14 rounds. some of which hit eight innocent bystanders. >> we looked to the left and saw three or four people. the crosswalk emptied and people were running. >> reporter: johnson went down immediately. >> they rolled him over on his stomach and cuffed him. >> eight people wounded and hundreds of people ran for their lives. jeffrey johnson died at the empire state building. >> rose was first on the scene yesterday. rose, what more do we know about the relationship of the suspect and the victim? >> jeffrey johnson is a 58-year-old fashion designer who worked here. it's a very small place, not an enormous amount of employees. steven's linked in page identified him as the vice president of the company.


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